About Us

Jonathan and Jacob Harrell created HWT Network for all your wrestling listening needs. With Harrell Wrestling Talk covering all your WWE, TNA and indy wrestling news and interviews; to the ROW Report that keeps you updated with Reality of Wrestling. These weekly podcasts also include special guests to recall their stories, give insight and promote their upcoming events. With just one listen, HWT Network will show you what you have been missing when it comes to professional wrestling.


About Jonathan

I currently live and work with my wife Aimee in Muncie, IN. I first got into wrestling in elementary school right around the time of the start of the nWo. Then slowly moved from WCW into WWE. There was awhile where I moved on but after hearing that The Rock was coming back for WrestleMania 27, I tuned back in and have been hooked ever since. I would have to say my favorite wrestler in The Rock.


About Jacob:

My full name is Jacob Harrell and I am a Physical Educator in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m a life time pro wrestling fan going all the way back to the 90’s and WCW. My favorite wrestlers are Dolph Ziggler and Sting.  There are two wrestling moments I will never forget: Dolph Ziggler cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and Goldberg beating Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship on Nitro.

Jonathan  and Jake

Jonathan (Left) & Jacob (Right)